good by nature

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good by nature

Rouse is creating the future for essential materials rooted in earth first innovation. Founded by women with an understanding of high quality, comfort, luxury and minimal impact on the environment. 
We are inspired to create a new wave of textiles for sustainable functional, everyday apparel that delight the most conscious and discerning customers, with the vision of using 100% natural & bio-based fabrics grounded in nature.

Rouse means awakening

Rouse means awakening, renewal, and vitality. It captures our commitment to nature by invoking a sense of renewal and awakening – to purpose, to the Earth, and to our own consciousness.
The root of ‘arousal’, it conjures a feeling of excitement and uprising. It is a call to action for everyone to make conscious design decisions and aligning their commitment to the Earth by their fabric choices.  Rouse is more than a verb, it’s a state of being.


Rouse Textiles is the maker of Gaiatex, the world’s first fabric alternative for athleisure made of Cupro and degradable stretch yarn which we believe makes a more gentle impact to the environment. We are earth-first textile innovators, developing materials for a circular fashion economy.
We’ve partnered with renowned Japanese manufacturers and distributors, Debs to co-create a first-of-its kind fabric. With their mastery of creating beautiful, functional fabrics and our commitment to sustainability, we’re forging a new path in earth-first innovation.


responsible textiles

We are committed to replacing synthetics with regenerative, natural, and innovative bio-based fibers that create clean textiles.
We combine fiber elements into plant-based solutions, and partner with brands seeking sustainable materials that are good for the planet and people.


earth-first innovation

Our proprietary material, Gaiatex is a circular solution using Bemberg Cupro - a regenerated cellulose fiber originating from 100% cotton linter and a by-product during the manufacturing process of cotton seed oil. It is manufactured through a proprietary closed-loop system that enables the recovery and reuse of non-toxic substances, while achieving zero emissions of waste.

stewards of mother earth

Woman-founded and led, Rouse began as the brainchild of a team of industry experts who saw first-hand the enormous amount of toxicity & microplastics produced by textiles. Fuelled by a passion for people and the planet, Gaiatex our first innovative fabric development was born.