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We believe that the future of fashion lies in earth-first innovation, and we are committed to heralding that future as stewards of Mother Nature.
Empowered by a passion for the planet, Gaiatex was born from the need for an even more sustainable solution to the textile industry’s massive waste problem.
With extensive backgrounds in retail, our female founder had a front row seat to the synthetic sportswear problem, and created Gaiatex with circularity in mind as the answer to wasteful synthetics.
Made of Bemberg Cupro and a degradable stretch yarn all originating from Japan, our material is 100% bio based and grounded in nature.

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Abundance in business should not only be measured in profit, but in elevation of the lives it touches and it’s contribution to the regeneration of the planet


our female founders


meet sharon

Sharon is passionate about the planet and people – especially women who make up the majority of the fashion industry’s workforce including those working at the factories who execute sustainability strategies firsthand. Sharon has built a network of suppliers all over Asia, Europe, and North America, allowing her to navigate the cultural nuances across a global supply chain. Sharon is also a seasoned sourcing & production expert with over 20 years’ experience in business operations, manufacturing, buying, merchandising and material innovation.

Having seen firsthand the textile waste generated by the fashion industry after working with fashion brands in Canada and Hong Kong, Sharon founded her own consulting business, Anew Studios in 2017 to support fashion & material startup brands in USA, Canada, to advise them to scale in a sustainable way by first selecting the right responsible textiles according to the brand’s vision & the right supply chain partners built for scalability. These consulting projects have included materials such as Technical CashmereTM, Econyl, & closed loop textile to textile recycled polyester, and the latest venture with Rubi Laboratories to convert CO2  into cellulose at manufacturing facilities using a cell-free biocatalysis process.  As the former COO of an upcycled brand in the UK, she has partnered with a number of global luxury brands to pilot the recycling of IP fabric into fiber for new textile production. 

All in all, material innovation is a passion of hers. Gaiatex was born out of providing an alternative solution for recycled materials coming from outside the textile supply chain for athletic wear that was gentler on the environment and leveraging a network of experts in Japan where functional fabrics are innovated.

frequently asked questions


Gaiatex is made from Bemberg Cupro and Roica V550 degradable stretch yarn.

It is silky soft with superior stretch, breathability, and shape-retention.

It is manufactured in Japan.


Contact us at info@gaiatex.com

Lead times will vary depending on order size - full lead time is 120 days if we have no greige available. We typically try to keep greige on hand with our distribution partners, therefore, lead time can often be shortened.

Min Order Qty is 2000M total, 300M per color - however we are open to combining orders for smaller brands when possible.


Our 100% biobased material is produced in a closed loop system that is Cradle to Cradle certified. It is biodegradable with zero toxic emissions.

Depending on the final market Gaiatex is shipped to for the purpose of garment manufacturing or as garment inventory in retail markets, the infrastructure will be different based on each country’s legislation.  If Gaiatex can be transported to the right sorting and recycling facilities in your country/ region at the end of life, it can be managed the same as cellulosic fibers back into the supply chain.

It is the process that ensures a garment’s end-of-life is renewable and not wasted.