Rouse Textiles is the maker of Gaiatex, the world’s first fabric alternative for athleisure made of Cupro and degradable stretch yarn which we believe makes a more gentle impact to the environment.


Sustainable sportswear has long been considered an oxymoron—until now. Our proprietary material is the answer to wasteful synthetic materials as the world’s first degradable stretch yarn, made from Bemberg Cupro. With superior softness and stretch, our material can replace synthetics in sportswear, loungewear, and intimates for a future-forward solution to the industry’s waste problem. It’s better for the environment without compromising the integrity of your garment—it’s a true win-win.


bemberg cupro

Bemberg Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fiber originating from 100% cotton linter, a by-product of the manufacturing process of cotton seed oil to enhance the efficiency of the use of cotton. It’s entirely plant-based and degradable, so we give back to the earth what we take from it.

Gaiatex_2_Black_withR (1)

Our proprietary material is a silky-smooth fabric knitted with the world’s first degradable and compostable spandex in an interlock construction made for low impact sportswear, loungewear, and fashion wear. It’s made from an all-season fiber that keeps the wearer comfortable, wear after wear. With Gaiatex, stretch meets softness meets sustainability—it’s the ultimate does-it-all fabric.


colour/dye possibilities

Gaiatex can be dyed in a variety of colours. For our initial launch collection, we were inspired by the palettes of the Onibegie colours originating from food scraps such as onion skins, rice, wine & grape skins, bamboo charcoal, and Olive. We work with Japanese dye houses that are Blue Sign approved in achieving these dye colours.


a partnership for the planet

We’ve partnered with renowned Japanese manufacturers and distributors, Debs to co-create a first-of-its kind fabric. With their mastery of creating beautiful, functional fabrics and our commitment to sustainability, we’re forging a new path in earth-first innovation.


sustainable stretch solution

Our proprietary degradable spandex is certified Cradle to Cradle, meaning it’s a renewable resource that goes back to the earth.
It degrades into the environment with zero harmful emissions, and decomposes into water and CO2 at end-of-life.
Our bio-based stretch yarn Roica V550 can be degraded by microorganisms into non-ecotoxic components, in an aerobic environment such as industrial compost more readily than traditional spandex.


sustainability & environmental impact

To produce our innovative material, we work directly with makers in Japan, and the cotton linter used to make our regenerative cellulose is sourced from Brazil and India. A proprietary closed-loop system enables the recovery and reuse of copper & ammonia that’s used to dissolve cotton linter, while achieving zero emissions of waste.
In 2022, Bemberg Cupro will be operating in a manufacturing facility that is powered by natural gas rather than coal power.